I’m ashamed to say that these awards happened 2 and a half weeks ago and I am just covering them now, but I swear I have had this draft started for ages and I’ve just not had my notebook to finish it off! So sorry for it being a tad late… And yes, I know, 2 blog posts – one after the other. Just making up for lost time, promise I’ll be more regular in future.

Now, The Scottish Alternative Music Awards (or SAMA) is in it’s 4th year and continues to enlighten us and make us aware of the newest, freshest music we have in Scotland – and this I like verrrrry much. This year’s voting took place in mid-February for 10 days, and within this short period of time the votes had rocketed up to 22.7 thousand! The winners were announced on Friday the 8th of March in one of the best clubs in Glasgow, The Garage. Tickets were £10 and purchasable from the SAMA website, so if you missed out this year, keep this in mind for next year’s event.

I’m gonna go through the winners one by one to let you see for yourself how our talent in Scotland has been recognised this month. Get excited!



These guys released their debut self-titled album on the 21st of December 2012, with songs like Jerusalem, Beat Your Chest and Salvation. I personally really like their music, they have an alternative indie style about them which makes them much more interesting than most of the mainstream stuff out there today. Their song Salvation has a slightly folky feel about it, while staying true to their sound. They beat 5 other bands to the title of Best Rock Alternative, sponsored by EmuBands, including Duke, Baby Strange, Fat Goth, Cleavers and M A D I S O N.

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It’s been too long.

Hey guys,

I am aware I’ve been missing for quite a while and I do apologise, but I have been doing lots of uni work and setting up a new blog twitter (which you should totally check out) @MediaMacDonald. I’ll be tweeting little things about bands and such, and you should follow it because there will be all sorts of cool things happening there!

So…  back to business.

Last Thursday I went to see MacFloyd.

MacFloyd logo

From the band name I hope you can assume that yes, they are a Pink Floyd tribute band. And on the 14th of March I was given the opportunity to go and see them for free in the Falkirk Town Hall since I know one of the band members. Needless to say I jumped at the chance.

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Let’s start the campfires, winter’s back!

Alright folks,

I would say Happy Mother’s Day but I think I’m just a little late for that, ooops…

Just been doing my daily perusing on the internet to see what’s going on in the world, as you do… and I have come across a news update from a very talented group of guys called Campfires in Winter. They are another band who are donning the strong Scottish accent, but when it’s done right you can’t complain can you? I certainly can’t. Now, I have so far let you in on updates from bands around Glasgow who I have met, but this is a little different. I know of these guys, not because I’ve met them but because they are from the teeny tiny little village that I call home – and that makes me kind of proud.

Anyway, 6 days ago their first single was released. It is called White Lights, it’s available to buy on iTunes and suchlike, and I genuinely am so impressed. I don’t mean to offend anyone else from Croy, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it is! To add to this they also released a music video for the song at 6pm the same night, and that definitely didn’t disappoint either. They have a YouTube channel as well, on which they post loads of interesting videos you should check out. This band are going places, I’m telling you.


So here you go guys, enjoy.

Leanne x

My Top 10 Weegie Tunes

Hey guys!

Since I’ve given you two interviews so far I want to mix things up a bit. So I’d like to give you a list of my top 10 favourite songs by Glaswegian artists. Before you say anything, I am aware that these songs are not new, so if you’re expecting to look here to see some fresh new Glasgwegian music, I’m sorry! I’m just merely giving you the top 10 songs that make me proud to be a Weegie.

1) Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out

This is by far my favourite, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but you have to admit it’s catchy. I think it has to be said that this album is their best, with tracks such as Jacqueline and The Dark of the Matinee – but that’s just my opinion.

2) Biffy Clyro – Who’s Got a Match?

This is the song that first got me excited about Biffy Clyro. And as soon as I listened to the rest of this album (Puzzle), and the album released after (Only Revolutions), they were my favourite band.

3) AC/DC – Highway to Hell

Okay, okay! I know that these guys aren’t TECHNICALLY a Glaswegian band (since there are a couple of Englishmen and an Aussie) BUT Angus and Malcolm Young are from Glasgow and that’s good enough for me. Classis, classic, classic song.

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New Band Incoming!

Now going from a band who has been gigging for years to one who is preparing for their first! Gas Panic are a 4 piece band made up of Joe Conroy, Niall Hunter, Aaron Strang and Dom Rooney, and I’ve had the chance to listen to some of their early recordings. From what I can hear they are a good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll band, sounding like a young Rolling Stones or a new Oasis. If you want to go to a gig, have a good time and listen to some good music while doing so, I’d say these guys have it covered. I for one can’t wait till they play their first gig.

I caught up with the lead singer and one of the guitarists, Joe, for a few minutes to have a quick chat about the band and what they’re up to.


Joe Conroy - Vocals & Guitar

Joe Conroy – Vocals & Guitar

Hi Joe, tell me, who is your biggest inspiration?

Has to be John Lennon.

Why is that?

He came from a council estate. He had nothing. And then he became the biggest legend in the world. So he inspires people like me to do the same.

Would you say your music reflects his work in any way?

Definitely, The Beatles were the first band that made me want to write music. His music turned my head and caught my attention.

So would you say your music is reflective only of bands from his generation or do you have modern influences too? Read More…

Go The Full Hog!

Okay, so I thought I’d kick off my investigation into the world of Glaswegian bands with a group of local guys with plenty of experience gigging in Glasgow and around Scotland, since they’ve been doing it for years. The Full Hog are always met with great reviews wherever they go from people who are interested in all different genres of music. They have something for everyone, playing a huge range of songs from the Sex Pistols and Motörhead to the Kaiser Chiefs and an obvious choice for a ‘Glesga’ crowd – The Fratellis. I went to see them play in a bar called Moriarty’s in their hometown of Cumbernauld on Saturday night (16th February) – and they were brilliant.

Not only are they talented but they are so easy to talk to and a good laugh, so it’s easy to see why the place was full! Neil (drums), Tam (vocals) and ‘the two Roddy’s’ (guitar and bass) were busy all night, so I only caught them for a few minutes and had just enough time to ask some basic questions.

How long have you been playing together?

Neil: About 23 years! Since we were 16 years old, about 1988.


What is the biggest crowd you’ve played?

Tam: I think it was a bike rally in Bute, there was loads at that one…

‘Wee Roddy’ (from background): Thousands!

‘Big Roddy’: 10,000!

Tam: Nah, about 14 guys and a dug… I’m kidding, that was a big one.


Do you all have a similar taste in music or does it vary between you?

Neil: Nah, me and wee Rod like heavier stuff and big Rod is more into blues and other types of music.


What song do you enjoy playing the most and why?

Neil: I play drums, so it used to be the fast ones but now it’s the slow ones!


How does it feel coming back to play in Cumbernauld?

Neil: We’re always coming back here! I like the people.

I’m really glad I went to see The Full Hog. They definitely impressed me, and from what I’ve heard they play gigs all the time, so I would recommend them to anyone who fancies a night out.

Also, Moriarty’s is right next door to Cumbernauld’s nightclub The Basement, though you’ll never hear it being called that – it’s Paps to the locals! So you could always make a post-gig appearance. Although this Saturday it was a Onesie Party, so there were some interesting sights to behold!

The Full Hog playing live in Moriarty's, Cumbernauld

Left to right: Big Roddy, Tam, Neil, Wee Roddy

Go check out The Full Hog, not to be missed!

Leanne x


Since I am going to be contributing to this blog for quite a while I think some introductions are in order.

My name is Leanne, I’m Glaswegian and I like music.

So that is why I’ll be using this blog to fill you in on the latest news and interviews from Glasgow’s upcoming and established bands and our growing music scene. I hope to take you away from the mainstream, so I intend to cover a range of genres from britpop and rock’n’roll to heavy metal.

At the moment  I can’t stop listening to Jake Bugg, I know he isn’t Scottish but he’s well worth the mention!

Hope you enjoy,

Leanne x